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Company Profile
Stichting Indonesian Fair  is a non-profit institution.

Stichting Indonesian Fair was established in 2002 to promote the import / export of goods and services from and to Indonesia, in doing so helping to create jobs in Indonesia, and to promote the Indonesian culture.

   - Stimulate cooperation of import / export to and from Indonesia.
   - Organizing business meetings and cultural events.
   - Providing a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences.

Company history
In August 2002, there was strong interest in Indonesia to participate in an event that is a combination of trade fair and pasar malam
  to be hold in The.Netherlands.
The bombing incident in Bali at 12 October 2002, how tragic for those directly involved, and the enormous impact of that event on tourism and economic activity enlarged the interest to participate in such an event.
The idea was further picked up and developed and resulted in the event  "Indonesian Fair 2003" which was held in May 2003.

Stichting Indonesian Fair has an honorary board consisting of the following persons:
   - Mr Robert Pichel (Jakarta, Indonesia)
   - Mr Edu Pichel (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Generaal de Gaullelaan 38
5623 KT  Eindhoven
t:  +31 40 241 67 94
m:  +31 6 292 13 990